Hip Replacement: Symptoms of hip Arthritus

These usually include pain in the groin and buttock; the pain can spread down the thigh to the inside of the knee or even the shin, or, rarely, down the back of the leg to the foot. Sometimes the pains are felt exclusively in the knee and indeed are often mistaken for a knee problem.

There is usually a degree of limping with a tilt to the affected side and it is often difficult to put your shoes and sock on due to loss of flexibility. Typically in advanced cases the hip will give way on an unpredictable basis. Patients often have taken to using a stick in the opposite hand.

Indications for Surgery

I normally recommend surgery when the pains are severe, limiting walking to short distances and when they are present at rest and night time and /or when they are poorly controlled by strong pain-killers

I would examine you and organise an X-ray (unless you have undergone one in the past three months), which in many cases will confirm the diagnosis, but occasionally in subtle cases, MRI scans or bone scans may be required.

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